We’re Ron and Susan Scot Fry.

Between, us, we’ve:

... worn a hazmat suit to work

... worn a suit of armor to work

... broken bones

... broken records

... started Shakespeare in the Park

... survived Shakespeare in the Park

... founded companies

... helped companies succeed

... led Casts of Thousands

... found our way through the mountains

... gotten lost in the desert

... made art

... made friends

... made an impact


... and through it all, we've helped ourselves and a lot of other people connect with our best, most productive, most creative selves.

Susan Scot Fry 

Managing Director of Optimist Theatre, Owner of Caper Company Tours, and former Entertainment and PR and Marketing Director of the Bristol Renaissance Faire and Entertainment Director for the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Los Angeles, Susan has nurtured and inspired humans from customer service professionals to national stage performers.  She spearheaded Milwaukee's first Shakespeare in the Park and continues to produce the festival.  She has held leadership positions in companies ranging from Renaissance Entertainment Productions to Chemical Waste Management.

Ron Scot Fry

Artistic Director of Optimist Theatre and former Artistic Director of the Bristol Renaissance Faire and the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Los Angeles, Ron has trained and directed thousands of humans across the country.  His one-man show "To Be!  Shakespeare Here and Now" takes the magic of theatre into schools and libraries and has played for tens of thousands of students.  Ron teaches at Alverno College and was on the faculty at Carthage College.  He has an M.A. in Drama from the University of Virginia and a B.A. in Communications and Theatre from Carthage.