“This was an amazing experience for me. I am a shy person (believe it or not). Hate being the center of attention. I still cannot believe that I was willing and able to stand up in front of others. Thank you so much for such an amazing time. It wasn't just what I learned from each of you but what I learned from the others as well.”

“Unfettered Genius with Ron and Susan was a BLAST!”

“Really enjoyed today.  You both were genuine which made it easier to participate.”

“... was much more than I thought it would be.  I think it would be great for corporate team building.”

“I take away a great experience.  A drive to better myself and help others to see their potential.”

“Very energetic and motivating.”

“What a wonderful day!”

“Thanks, Ron and Susan.”

 “... helped me trust myself”

“Learning to play”

“I’m looking for a way to be more extroverted.”

“Yes, it helped me to open up and stop ‘thinking.’”

“I’m smart.  I can do anything!”

“Being creative is not a passive activity.”

“Saying ‘hello’ to my fear.”

“Visualization techniques to continue to clear the clutter and the crap.”

“Openness, trusting others.”

“... a great experience!”

“What a wonderful day!  With wonderful people!”