You are creative.

You are imaginative.

You are an effortless leader.

You can tap the potential in yourself and others.

You can free your creative spirit.

You can unfetter your genius.

We can help.

“Creativity is just intelligence having fun.”

               - Albert Einstein

Genius at Work
Unfettered Genius creates custom workshops to enhance your company’s genius.  The people who make your company work will “free their creative spirit”, open communications through “creative connections”, and find their own “effortless leadership” skills.  

Unfettered Genius helps employees:
build confidence 
think on their feet
solve problems creatively
connect with customers and each other
feel good about themselves and their workUFG_Corporate.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0
Genius in Life
Connect with your creative self - leader, lover, artist, and imaginer - at an Unfettered Genius Retreat.

Discover fun and effortless ways to:
free your imagination
feel good about yourself and your life
renew your sense of purpose
make meaningful human connections
find the natural leader in you
fall in love with your physical self

2010 North 1st Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin  53212-3202  262/498-5777

Sign up now for a full day of Unfettered Genius at the beautiful Lynden Sculpture Garden in Milwaukee!  Take a look at our page for Your Personal Genius or Make Your Reservation Here.